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Yapa Sauvignon Blanc

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Wine in South America has been emerging rapidly over the last few years, led by countries like Chile. What helps put these countries on the map is their work with some signature grapes that earn them international acclaim. For Chile, there are two that have paved the way: Carménère for the reds and Sauvignon Blanc for the whites.

In particular, what makes Sauvignon Blanc a Chilean favorite is that show some of the classic tropical fruit notes that people love about it as well as a New World flair that presents a different twist on a tried-and-true favorite. The Yapa Sauvignon Blanc is a great example of why Chilean Sauv Blancs are becoming so beloved.

The wine is clean, perfect for refreshing sipping wine. Notes of grapefruit and green apple lead on the nose. These fresh fruit flavors are joined by citrus notes of lime on the palate. Herbaceous and floral notes, signatures of Chile, round out the palate and help give a long and refreshing finish to the wine. This is a great cocktail hour wine but can also pair with salads featuring bitter greens like arugula and roasted bell peppers.