The Ultimate Spring Sampler is Here!

15 Bottles, Starting at $89.95 with Upgrades Starting at Just $1 Per Bottle! 

You have the option to choose a case with or without PET Bottles in our base case. Choose Below!

 Base 15-Pack
Choose PET or Glass Starting at $5.99/Bottle


Vineyard-Level Wines Just $6.99/Bottle

UPGRADE: The Spring Ultimate Vineyard Sampler 15-Pack 2023

UPGRADE: The Spring Ultimate Vineyard Sampler 15-Pack 2023

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15 Different Vineyard-Level Wines in this Spring Ultimate Sampler for Just $104.95!

Finally, Spring IS HERE! While we've survived the snow and overall cold weather, we are so excited for the warm weather ahead. To get you in the mood, we figured it was time to drop another big sale on the perfect wines for Spring. We dropped the price on a stunning 15-pack featuring 15 different vineyard-level wines in our mixed selection to start at just $104.95!


Retail Value: $300


Superstar Wines Just $7.99/Bottle

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Wine is famous for its high markup, in excess of 60%. At Splash, we deliver wine to your door at a maximum of 15% above our cost. No one else does that.


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