Only 125 Cases Available
For many of us, the hottest days of summer are upon us and we can use a little relief. Thankfully, we've got a curated pack of some of our wines on the fruitier and sweeter side of the spectrum that will help give you some sweet summer relief (pun intended!). From fruity favorites like the light yet luscious MOODS "Sweet On You" Red Blend to the succulently and slightly sweet notes of the Atardecer Chenin Blanc-Chardonnay blend, all of the wines in here will provide you with vibrant fruit or the perfect kiss of Summer Sweetness. The only problem is that we only have just 125 available of this case so be sure to act quickly.

**In order to be able to ensure that we are able to quickly manage out-of-stocks on specific wines during these uncertain times, our Wines Included section is just a possible example of what may be included in your case. On that basis, while we are unable to guarantee specific wines in the pack, we promise that any substitutions will be of equal or greater value than the wines originally designated for this pack.

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3 Bottles -  Volando Vengo White
3 Bottles - MOODS Red Blend
3 Bottles - Atardecer Chenin-Chardonnay
3 Bottles - Windisch Dornfelder 2017
3 Bottles - WAIPAPA BAY Rose, 2018 New Zealand