• 2018 Election Day Special - Mixed

2018 Election Day Special - Mixed

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Election Day is here, one of the most important days in our country and the exercise of our right to vote is worthy of a celebration. No matter who you vote for, after Election Night, it's always a good thing to have wine on hand. This special includes some of our favorites and it is a way to be happy on election night no matter the result!

Key Points:

  • 15 Bottles for $95
  • You are guaranteed to love every bottle or you do not pay for it.
  • Your choice of red, white or mixed case.
  • Selection of wine from around the world. Offer code ELECTION2018
    See Wines Included

    Wines Included

    • The Reds:
    • Red Boar Bobal

      2 Bottles
    • Les Beaux Galets Red Blend

      2 Bottles
    • Castelo de Terena Red

      2 Bottles
    • New World Syrah

      1 Bottle
    • Elun Cabernet
      1 Bottle
    • The Whites:
    • Green Fish Verdejo

      2 Bottles
    • Castelo de Terenra White

      2 Bottles
    • El Explorador Mendoza Torrontes

      1 Bottle
    • Les Beaux Galets White

      1 Bottle
    • Granite Ridge Chenin Blanc

      1 Bottle