• April Fools + 3 FREE Bigger Bottles 18-Pack - Mixed

April Fools + 3 FREE Bigger Bottles 18-Pack - Mixed

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Use Promo Code APRILFOOLS to Get FREE Shipping
Price: $95, When You Use Promo Code APRILFOOLS
18 Bottles of Killer Wine to Celebrate April Fools!
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PLEASE NOTE: The 1L Kon Tiki Cabernet is now sold out, but for those still interested in purchasing this deal we'll have it replaced with the delicious Pile Driver Red Blend from Paso Robles (750ml). 

It's April Fools and you are probably sick of companies playing their silly pranks. Well, we aren't about that (this year, at least!). To celebrate, we are making are bottles bigger and that's no joke! Today only, you can get our April Fools Special. Use the promo code APRILFOOLS. All this for $95 is no joke!.

Key Points:

  • 3 BONUS Bottles Means 18 Bottles of Wine for $95
  • Use Promo Code APRILFOOLS to Get Free Shipping
  • Most orders ship within one business day and deliver in 2-5 business days
  • All wines guaranteed. If you don't like it, you don't pay for it. Offer Code WINTRED18


    See Wines Included

    Wines Included

    • Pile Driver Paso Robles Red Blend - 3 Bottles
    • Lar de Oro Tempranillo-Syrah - 2 Bottles
    • Placer Andaluz Tempranillo/Syrah - 2 Bottles
    • Primi Soli Sangiovese - 2 Bottles
    • Red Boar Bobal - 1 Bottle
    • Encostas do Coa Tinto - 1 Bottle
    • Alabar Branco White - 2 Bottles
    • Placer Andaluz Chardonnay - 2 Bottles
    • Green Fish Verdejo - 1 Bottle
    • Primi Soli Trebbiano - 1 Bottle
    • Tuesday Night Sauvignon Blanc - 1 Bottle