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Bain's Way Cabernet

Bain's Way Cabernet

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Believe it or not, South Africa has a long wine history, much longer than California or anywhere in the U.S. for that matter. In fact, they’ve been making wine in South Africa since 1642. Most Americans, until recently, hadn’t heard of South African wine because, during apartheid, the U.S., among many other countries, did not import product from the country. As apartheid fell, exports resumed but it took the wine region longer to recover.

However, once they did, they made some wines that burst onto the world stage. The Bain’s Way Cabernet, from the Wellington region of the country, is one of those delicious wines. Named for one of the famous road builders, Arthur Bain, who helped bring industry to the Wellington area, this wine is a tribute to artisanship and South Africa in general.

Deep, dark and full-bodied, this wine is stunning. A nutty aroma, with notes of cassis, is instantly enticing. The palate is textured and velvety with berry fruit flavors taking the lead. The flavors lusciously linger, making this wine easy to savor. This wine is the epitome of grace.

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