15 Bottles for $95!
Memorial Day is around the corner and all this social distancing has us starting our grills, barbecues, smokers and more up early. The great news is that wine is the ultimate pair for delicious food right off the grill, out on the patio. We've curated a stunning mixed pack of 6 different wines that are our BBQ Reds and Patio Whites. You get 15 bottles for $95 of wine we've paired with the season and ready for whatever your Summer cookouts have in store.

**In order to be able to ensure that we are able to quickly manage out-of-stocks on specific wines during these uncertain times, our Wines Included section is just a possible example of what may be included in your case. On that basis, while we are unable to guarantee specific wines in the pack, we promise that any substitutions will be of equal or greater value than the wines originally designated for this pack.

  • Mixed
  • All-Red
  • All-White

3 Bottles - Callaway Red Blend

2 Bottles - Rubicund Cabernet-Syrah-Merlot

3 Bottles -Patem Cabernet Sauvignon

3 Bottles - Aquilegia Pinot Grigio

2 Bottles- Bella Impavida Pinot Grigio

2 Bottles - Smoking Loon Chardonnay

5 Bottles - Callaway Red Blend

5 Bottles - Rubicund Cabernet-Syrah-Merlot

3 Bottles - Patem Cabernet Sauvignon

5 Bottles - Aquilegia Pinot Grigio

5 Bottles- Bella Impavida Pinot Grigio

5 Bottles - Smoking Loon Chardonnay