• BBQ Reds and Patio Whites - White 15-Pack

BBQ Reds and Patio Whites - White 15-Pack

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Were Outdoorsy - We Drink Wine on the Patio: Summer is here and most of us try to make our way outside - even if its just to the patio for a glass of wine to relax after a long day. Well, whether you love outdoor adventures or you just like a good barbecue and a place to put your feet up, we have the wines perfect for the Summer.
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Amazing Imported Wines At Crazy Values: Great wine is one thing but it tastes even better when you got a good deal on it. Thanks to the fact that, at Splash, we never charge our members more than 15% above our cost, you always get a great deal. On this offer, that means you pay just $6.25 per bottle for wines that would retail for nearly 3 times that much.
- Unbeatable Guarantee: You never pay for a wine that you dont like. Period.




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$250.00 $93.75

Wines Included

  • Green Fish Verdejo
    3 Bottles
  • Tuesday Night White
    3 Bottles
  • Paisley Patch Verdhelo
    3 Bottles
  • Inti Chardonnay
    3 Bottles
  • Back Seat Blonde
    3 Bottles