4 Boxes + 2 More FREE
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Buy 4 Boxes of Botellón At Regular Price & Get 2 MORE FREE!

Ever since we introduced our very first boxed wine in Botellón, it's become a cult favorite and the cult is getting bigger every day. The reason is obvious. We've taken some incredibly delicious Spanish wines and put them in cutting edge, 3 liter bags-in-boxes which are each the equivalent of 4 bottles. These beautiful bottles are great for gatherings (if we even know what those are anymore, in pandemic times!) or for just having a steady supply for a glass or two in the evenings. We've got a killer deal to celebrate Botellon's popularity - buy 4 boxes of wine at regular price and get 2 more free - that's like 8 FREE bottles of wine!

Why Boxed Wine?

The bag-in-a-box system of wine has continually improved, making it an ideal way to deliver you delicious wine in an environmentally friendly package. Convenient and delicious wine is more accessible than ever.

Mixed packs will include equal parts Red & White.