• Cabernet Craze

Cabernet Craze

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The King of Grapes: It isnt a stretch to call Cabernet the King of Grapes and it does often haul in a Kings ransom. However, after scouring the globe for amazing values and putting our signature 15% only pricing guarantee, we found you 15 bottles of Cabernet at a peasants price!

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Wines Included

  • Nuevo Mundo Cabernet
    2 Bottles
  • New World Cabernet-Merlot
    2 Bottles
  • Yapa Cabernet Sauvignon
    3 Bottles
  • Primi Soli Cabernet
    2 Bottles
  • Picras Negras Cabernet
    3 Bottles
  • Mecedora Cabernet
    3 Bottles