CLEARANCE: Cayu Cab-Merlot
$59 - 15 Bottles$29 - 6 Bottles

Our partner wineries are fanatical about quality control because consistency is everything.  Anytime something isn’t perfect, they do what it takes to make it right.  This is one of those times and you get the benefit.  Our producer Cayu Cabernet-Merlot  had a problem with their Co2 which caused bottles to have various levels of spritz.  The wine is good—in fact the spritz is perfect for Sangria—but it isn’t consistent.  On that basis, the winery has agreed to support us to get this wine to you at a fraction of its $15.00 retail cost.  We have about 6000 bottles and until it is gone you can get it for as low as $3.93 which is $59 for a 15 bottle case.   Whether you decide to make sangria or drink on its own, this is a great deal that won’t last long.