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EXTRAVAGANZA: Most White Wine Ever Mega Pack! NY

EXTRAVAGANZA: Most White Wine Ever Mega Pack! NY

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15 Bottles + 2 Boxes of Botellon = Equivalent of 23 Bottles

OVERSTOCK PRICE: You Pay Just $4.35 Per 750 ML!

When it comes to white wine in the hot summer, it's hard to say that you can ever have too much on hand. After all, a good glass (or bottle!) of white just helps beat the heat, especially if you can get delicious wines for the equivalent of just $4.75 per bottle. That's why we decided to create our Most White Wine Ever Mega Pack! Well, that and we have a lot of white wine on hand! This pack features the equivalent of 23 bottles, all in one mega pack of wine. How does that work? First, we have a variety of white wine, sourced from all over the world. Next, we add two boxes (each containing the equivalent of 4 bottles) of Botellon The Gathering Chardonnay from Spain. All together, you get 23 bottles worth of wine for just $99.95 - the same as $4.35 per bottle + FREE Shipping!

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