Finca la Pintada BLOWOUT!
3-Pack - $12 Per Bottle6-Pack - $10 Per Bottle12-Pack - $8 Per Bottle
[{"label":"3-Pack - $12 Per Bottle","color1":"#cca249","color2":"","image":"","custom":true},{"label":"6-Pack - $10 Per Bottle","color1":"#cca249","color2":"","image":"","custom":true},{"label":"12-Pack - $8 Per Bottle","color1":"#cca249","color2":"","image":"","custom":true}]

Our Finca la Pintada is one of our signature wines but we recently got some bad news: it's going to be out of stock soon! That's why we've put this wine on SELL OUT ALERT, which means you need to act quickly or it will be gone in no time. These prices match the best we've ever done for this extraordinary sparkler that is affordable enough to toast every day.