• FREE BOTTLE: Finca la Pintada Brut Cava

FREE BOTTLE: Finca la Pintada Brut Cava

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We say that there is nothing like Champagne and that is true. However, even value Champagne doesn't come with a cheap price tag. For value, it is hard to beat a stunning Cava. Made in Spain, Cava is the signature sparkling with of the country. Like all wines, they range in quality but, when you find a good one, you are in for a treat. And Finca la Pintada Cava Brut is absolutely great.

Made in the methode champenoise, the same technique used in French Champagne, this Cava has all the signs of a quality sparkling wine, perfect for any celebration. The method makes for a gorgeous sparkling wine, with amazing flavor and the tiny bubbles that seem to last forever, the true sign of a methode champenoise sparkler, so unlike the sparklers where they simply inject carbon dioxide into the wine to get some bubble.

This sparkling wine is on the drier side, with fresh yeasty and toasty notes, From the pop of the cork, until the last drop, we guarantee youll be satisfied with this elegant sparkler. The perfect sparkler for any occasion, from birthdays to New Years or, even, just to celebrate that its Friday night.

ABV: 11.5%