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On the surface, Kitchen Sink may seem like an unusual name for a wine. A sink doesn't exactly make you think of delicious wine. However, the name actually comes from the common phrase of throwing everything but the kitchen sink at something. What that means, for these winemakers, is that they've scoured California to find the best parcels of small lot Cabernet to blend to make the ultimate wine. They've thrown absolutely everything, including their proverbial kitchen sink, into making this a truly sensational wine.

And they've succeeded. The Kitchen Sink Cabernet is actually a Splash Wines Staff Favorite, earning a spot on many of our representatives' lists of their favorite wines we offer. Since our team tastes every wine we decide to offer, this is high praise indeed!

The Kitchen Sink Cabernet, being a blend of so many exceptional parcels, is a wine with a complex structure, beautifully full-bodied. Fresh red and dark berry fruit flavors lead on the palate, with supple and rich tannins and a luxurious lingering finish. Sensational.