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Gibault Loire Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Gibault Loire Sauvignon Blanc 2015

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The Loire Valley, in France, is one of the wine producing regions with the most history of anywhere in the world. They’ve been making wine there since the Middle Ages. And, in fact, Sauvignon Blanc was the first white grape to be brought into the Valley. It has stuck ever since because the Loire nurtures Sauvginon Blanc and helps produces grapes that are fresh and fruity and an absolutely pleasure to drink.

One of the things that makes this wine interesting is that, when you think of white wine, you normally think you should be eating salads or fish or something else relatively light. While this wine will certainly drink nicely with those dishes, it isn’t where the wine is at its best. Instead, this wine has enough structure and body, as well as a bold fruit flavor, to stand up to bigger dishes. This wine might actually be at its best with food off the barbecue, a nice match for the smoky flavor. From grilled (or even smoked) salmon to a hearty barbecue chicken, this wine will pair perfectly.

That’s because the wine leads with fresh flavors, with pear, apple and even a little pineapple taking the lead. It is best served slightly chilled (45 – 50 degrees) and that makes it nice and refreshing for heartier food. With a nicely balanced finish, this wine will linger deliciously and make you want another glass. 

ABV: 12%
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