• Groupon Cellar Reds 15-Pack + 4-Pack PureWine Wand Filters

Groupon Cellar Reds 15-Pack + 4-Pack PureWine Wand Filters

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If you love red wine, you are in good company. However, many of us feel the side effects of drinking even a little bit, including headaches and hangover symtpoms. That's where the PureWine Wand comes it. By removing 4 histamines and 2 sulfites, you can enjoy all the red wine you want (well... maybe note ALL the red wine!) without any of the negatives. At Splash Wines, we were so thrilled that we decided to celebrate with a unique Groupon exclusive offer: 15 bottles of premium reds + a FREE sample 4-pack of PureWine Wands, so you can experience the fabulous benefits. Delicious red wine, no negative consequences, this deal is a win-win!

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See Wines Included

Wines Included

  • The Bonus:
  • One 4-pack of PureWine Wands
  • Empyrean Eridanus 2007- 2 Bottle
  • Vinum Africa Pinotage - 1 Bottle
  • Empyrean Lyra Pinot Noir 2017 - 2 Bottles
  • Chateau Franc-Cardinal Bordeaux 2015 - 2 Bottles
  • Bain's Way Merlot - 1 Bottle
  • Labeye Syrah-Grenache - 2 Bottles
  • Chateau Auzias Cabardès - 1 Bottle
  • Vivir sin Dormir Organic Monastrell- 2 Bottles
  • Domaine Paretlongue Cité de Carcassonne - 1 Bottle
  • Florent Descombes Pinot Noir - 1 Bottle