• Groupon Summer Cellar Reds 15-Pack

Groupon Summer Cellar Reds 15-Pack

The Groupon Spring Cellar Reds
Our Finest Selection of Wines at an Unbelievable Price

Summer is a season where it is hard to go outside without smelling the tantalizing aromas of delicious food cooking right on the grill. The smoky and zingy flavors of the Summer BBQ actually pair perfectly with red wine. Thats why, for this exclusive Groupon deal, weve put together a compilation of delicious red wines, perfect for all your Summer food and celebrations.

This upgraded version of our BBQ Reds for Summer pack features some amazing wines. This selection highlights the Empyrean Trio of wines, stunning selections from Washington State. This winery produces some unbelievable wines, all aged to perfection. Right now, we are showcasing the 2005 version and these 12 year old wines are at their peak and ready to drink now. If you want a true connoisseur experience, you cant go wrong with the Cellar collection.


Retail Price: $438
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See Wines Included

Wines Included

  • Chateau Franc-Cardinal Bordeaux 2012
    3 Bottles
  • Vivir sin Dormir Organic Monastrell
    2 Bottles
  • Villa Balestra Barbera DAsti
    2 Bottles
  • Roza Ridge Petit Verdot 2011
    2 Bottles
  • Empyrean Cygnus Syrah 2005
    2 Bottles
  • Bishop Creek Barrel Selection Pinot Noir 2012
    1 Bottle
  • Roza Ridge Malbec 2011
    2 Bottles
  • Chateau les Tuileries Bordeaux
    1 Bottle