• Groupon Summer Rosés 15-Pack

Groupon Summer Rosés 15-Pack

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There is no way around it: rosé really is the hottest thing in wine, and it is no longer just a summer wine. A good glass of pristine pink wine is vibrant and refreshing, with a beautiful balance of fruit and elegance. It is a style that is increasingly made all over the world and weve decided to give Groupon customers an amazing sample of these stunning Summer gems. All orders include $10 Splash Cash to be used towards future orders.

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See Wines Included

Wines Included

  • St. Laurand Rosé
    3 Bottles
  • Barraca Rosé
    3 Bottles
  • Magnifico Rosé
    3 Bottles
  • Vinho Rosé a Deja De Sirgueiros
    3 Bottles
  • Nanihue Rosé
    3 Bottles