• King of Grapes Ultimate Sampler 18-Pack - Red

King of Grapes Ultimate Sampler 18-Pack - Red

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Sample Each of the 16 Grapes In the Running to Be Crowned King of Grapes!
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March Madness is almost upon us and we'll be beginning a new contest soon to announce the King of Grapes. For every vote you cast, you'll be entered to get a free case of wine. To celebrate, we've compiled an ultimate sampler case featuring all 16 of the contenders for the crown, plus including a couple extra bottles to make it a Mega 18-Pack. These premium wines include super premium wines like Radford Dale Syrah and Chateau Franc-Cardinal Bordeaux. 

Key Points:

  • 18 Super Premium Bottles, Just $119.95
  • Upcoming Contest to Win a Free Case of Wine
  • Most orders ship within one business day and deliver in 2-5 business days
  • All wines guaranteed. If you don't like it, you don't pay for it. Offer Code WINTRED18
    See Wines Included

    Wines Included

    • Kon Tiki 1 Liter Cabernet - 3 Bottles
    • Primi Soli Sangiovese - 3 Bottles
    • Plaza de la Reina Tempranillo - 2 Bottles
    • Red Boar Bobal - 2 Bottles
    • Ignoto Pinot Noir - 2 Bottles
    • Radford Dale Syrah - 2 Bottles
    • Vigilant Malbec - 2 Bottles
    • 2014 Chateau Franc-Cardinal Bordeaux - 2 Bottles