• Mad About Malbec

Mad About Malbec

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15 Bottles of Malbec 

Malbec is one of the hottest trends in wine and this pack is perfect to explore the world of Malbec. 1 wine from Mendoza, 1 from Cahors, France (part of Wine Enthusiast's 2017 Region of the Year) and 1 from Chile. 15 bottles of delicious Malbec madness.

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  • Malbecs from the world's hottest growing regions
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See Wines Included

Wines Included

  • The Malbecs:
  • El Explorador Mendoza Malbec
    5 Bottles
  • Monitos Mendoza Malbec
    4 Bottles
  • Baron du Tertre Cahors Malbec
    5 Bottles