• Mediterranean Magic 15-Pack - Red

Mediterranean Magic 15-Pack - Red

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The Wines of France, Spain and Italy, Just $6.50 Each!
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It's a cold and dreary Winter and most of us can only dream of cruising the blustery Winter days away on the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Well, we can't offer you the cruise but we can transport you to the inviting shores of France, Spain and Italy with this case, featuring some of the delicious wines of the coastal regions of these sun soaked countries. Sip your way into a mental vacation.

Key Points:

  • $6.50 per bottle + FREE Shipping for 15 bottles.
  • Includes wines of Italy, Spain and France
  • Most orders ship the next business day.
  • If you don't like it, you don't pay for it.
    See Wines Included

    Wines Included

    • The Reds:
    • Primi Soli Sangiovese

      3 Bottles
    • La Marchesina Rosso Terre Siciliane

      3 Bottles
    • Les Beaux Galets Red Blend
      3 Bottles
    • Lar de Oro Tempranillo-Syrah

      3 Bottles
    • Red Boar Bobal

      3 Bottles