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New World Cabernet/Merlot

New World Cabernet/Merlot

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Alex Dale, a fascinating figure in the wine industry, embodies a unique blend of English upbringing, Burgundian wine education, and South African residency. Renowned for his exceptional winemaking prowess, Dale crafts outstanding wines that garner global acclaim. Among these is the New World Cabernet-Merlot, a testament to his Burgundian influences and South African expertise. This wine exudes refinement and elegance, with subtle fruitiness and balanced notes of earthiness and tobacco. Its European-inspired profile sets it apart from the bold Californian Cabs, offering a sophisticated drinking experience. Alex Dale's New World Cabernet-Merlot is a true masterpiece that reflects his diverse winemaking journey and continues to impress with every sip.

Pair this wine with grilled rack of lamb marinated in Mediterranean herbs for a perfect match of refined fruitiness and succulent flavors. Alternatively, serve it alongside mushroom risotto to highlight its complexity alongside the creamy texture of the dish.


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