• Oliver's Birthday Celebration + 4 FREE Bottles - White

Oliver's Birthday Celebration + 4 FREE Bottles - White

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Oliver Turns 4 So We're Adding 4 FREE Bottles!
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As you probably know, Splash Wines is a family-operated business. We've been in the wine businesses for 3 generations. Four years ago, we welcomed the first member of the 4th generation, Oliver. Unbelievably, this year, he'll be celebrating his 4th birthday. Every year, we've celebrated with our customers and this year is no exception. For Oliver's birthday, we curated an incredible 16 bottle case and, to make it massive, we're adding 4 FREE bottles to make one of our first ever 20 packs. Join us in celebrating Oliver's 4th birthday with 4 FREE Bottles.

Key Points:

  • 4 BONUS Bottles Means 20 Bottles of Wine for $109.95
  • Most orders ship within one business day and deliver in 2-5 business days
  • All wines guaranteed. If you don't like it, you don't pay for it. Offer Code WINTRED18
    See Wines Included

    Wines Included

    • Bachelorette Chardonnay - 4 Bottles
    • Kitchen Sink Chardonnay - 4 Bottles
    • Amos Ridge Sauvignon Blanc - 4 Bottles
    • Kogara Canyon Chardonnay - 4 Bottles
    • Placer Andaluz Chardonnay - 4 Bottles