• Sauvignon Blancs & Chardonnays 15-Pack

Sauvignon Blancs & Chardonnays 15-Pack

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The World's Most Popular White Grapes. As two of the most widely planted grape varietals in the world, Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnays are made just about everywhere they make wine. The styles vary but they are all absolutely delicious. This curated pack features 15 bottles of these incredible whites.

Key Points:

  • $105 + FREE Shipping for 15 Bottles.
  • Features 8 different reds from around the world
  • Most orders ship the next business day.
  • If you don't like it, you don't pay for it.
      See Wines Included

      Wines Included

      • The Whites:
      • Mecedora Chardonnay
        2 Bottles
      • Orgoglio Chardonnay
        2 Bottles
      • Elun Chardonnay
        2 Bottles
      • Primi Soli Chardonnay
        2 Bottles
      • Tuesday Night Sauvignon Blanc
        2 Bottles
      • Volcanes Reserva Sauvignon Blanc
        2 Bottles
      • Nouveau Monde Sauvignon Blanc
        2 Bottles
      • Bain's Way Sauvignon Blanc
        1 Bottle