• Craving California

Craving California

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Reds, Whites and Rosé from California

If California was considered its own country, it would be the world's fourth largest producer of wine, behind only powerhouses Spain, Italy and France. The wines of California are enjoyed around the world. If you've been craving some of the fine wines of the Golden State, look no further. This pack features reds, whites and rosé that you are guaranteed to love if you are craving California.

Key Points:

  • $100 for 15 bottles of California wine
  • Features wines that retail for up to $22 per bottle
  • Most orders ship within 24 hours and deliver in 3-5 business days
  • All wines guaranteed. If you don't like it, you don't pay for it.
See Wines Included

Wines Included

  • The Wines:
  • Zaca Mesa Syrah
    2 Bottles
  • Baywood Cellars California Red
    2 Bottles
  • Zaca Mesa Z Cuvee
    2 Bottles
  • The Bachelorette Final Rose
    2 Bottles
  • Baywood Cellars White
    2 Bottles
  • Silver Trail Sauvignon Blanc
    2 Bottles
  • Harena Maris Chenin Blanc
    2 Bottles
  • Zaca Mesa Z Cuvee Blanc
    1 Bottle