• The Ultimate Grilling 15-Pack - Red

The Ultimate Grilling 15-Pack - Red

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We are nearing the start of school and that means fall isn't far away. However, there is still plenty of good grilling in front of us (including Labor Day) so we wanted to prepare for the final hurrah with the Ultimate Grilling 15-Pack. We've curated 7 reds, 7 whites and a rose that will be sure to pair with everything and anything you eat off the grill. 

Key Points:

  • $105 + FREE Shipping for 15 Bottles
  • Wines that pair with anything and everything off the grill
  • Most orders ship the next business day.
  • If you don't like it, you don't pay for it.
    See Wines Included

    Wines Included

    • The Reds:
    • Chateau Laforet Bordeaux Superieur
      2 Bottle
    • Zaca Mesa Z Cuvee Red
      2 Bottles
    • The Gathering Merlot
      2 Bottles
    • Bilgola Estate Merlot
      2 Bottles
    • Earthling Cabernet
      2 Bottles
    • Baywood Cellars California Red Blend
      3 Bottles
    • Wild Cellars Cabernet
      2 Bottles