• Tremendous Tempranillo: The Perfect Summer Grape

Tremendous Tempranillo: The Perfect Summer Grape

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If there is a grape made for Summer, it might just be Tempranillo. In general, it's delicious fruit notes pair with a hint of leather that gives it a flavor profile similar to Cabernet and Sangiovese but with a flair all its own. However, it's the fact that it pairs with some of the iconic foods of summer that make it a favorite for the season. Tempranillo pairs beautifully with smoky, grilled meats, making it a cookout staple. In addition, Tempranillo complements tacos as well as pizza (grilled even better!) and just about all of your favorite summer entrees. We've got an incredible selection of Tempranillo and Tempranillo blends right now and you can get 15 bottles of tremendous Tempranillo for just $95, just in time for the official start of summer!