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Get The Ultimate Summer Sampler Your Way
One of our customer's favorite cases is our Ultimate Samplers, bringing together 15 unique wines from around the world in one exceptional and outstanding case. This summer, we've curated a stunning case of 5 reds, 5 whites and 5 roses, including stunners like a classic California Zinfandel, Oberon Chardonnay and a premium Rose from Washington. To make it even better, you now have more options than ever before to get exactly what you want. No matter what option you choose, you'll get 15 bottles of incredible wine for just $99.95. NOTE: Only the mixed case will include 15 different wines.

**In order to be able to ensure that we are able to quickly manage out-of-stocks on specific wines during these uncertain times, our Wines Included section is just a possible example of what may be included in your case. On that basis, while we are unable to guarantee specific wines in the pack, we promise that any substitutions will be of equal or greater value than the wines originally designated for this pack.

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Baywood Cellars

RedRay Road Proprietor's Red

Callaway Red Blend

Dealy Lane Pinot Noir 2013

Liberty Road Zinfandel

Baywood Cellars White

Landing 63 Chardonnay-Chenin Blanc

Dealy Lane Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Aquilegia Pinot Grigio

Oerbon Chardonnay 2015

Emmi Pinot Noir Rose 2018

Le Charmel Rose 2018

Faisao Rose 2018

La Fiera Rose 2018

Kestrel Rose 2017