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Xanthos Zinfandel

Xanthos Zinfandel

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Depending on the region, every place has their own way of communicating better quality under their particular laws. But there is one quality indicator used that is not required by law anywhere on the globe but it is a source of pride on the same level as all the law abiding words. It is the term Old Vine.

With American wines, we often see Old Vine mentioned on bottles of Californian Zinfandel. It’s widely agreed upon in the wine world that old vines make better wine.

The reason wines from these gnarly vines are considered high in quality is actually because they produce less grape bunches. And in doing so the resulting flavor of the wine is more concentrated. It all comes down to the exposure to sunlight. These old sages’ canopies, leaves, fruit and trunk, are thinner allowing for more daytime sun soaks and the food delivery system has less to fight with to get nutrients to the grapes. Often in these wines you will get soft concentrated fruit and tannin with a good amount of acidity. Where once these vines made wines of elegance, they now make wine that are regal.

Xanthos is one of these wines from 50 plus year old vines. The wine has notes of raspberry and is slightly tart. It finishes with lovely peppery notes.

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