Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I am not available to sign for my shipment?

The courier will three attempts at delivery, so don’t worry if you miss them the first or second around. In addition, you can always arrange to pick up your shipment from one of the couriers local depots.

To make that arrangement you can call them with your tracking number handy, which is forwarded to you via email after it becomes available. For FedEx you can call 800-463-3339, and for UPS you can call 800-742-5877.

How will I know when to expect my shipment to arrive?

One to two business days after placing your order you will be forwarded tracking information via email. You can monitor your tracking information from there, and the courier will provide an estimated delivery date so you know when to expect your shipment.

How long will it take to get my wine and where do you ship it from?

We use a licensed third party distributor from Lakemoor, Illinois which is about an hour outside of the Chicago area. We will pack and ship your order 2-3 business days after your order date. From there, transit time typically takes 2-5 days depending upon where you are in the country.

How do I use my Splash Cash?

You apply your Splash Cash during the checkout process. Once you have selected all the items that you would like, head to your shopping cart and click “Checkout Now.” It is on that next page in a panel towards the upper-right portion of the screen where you’ll see a bold red button that says “Apply Splash Cash to Order.”

Where do you get your wines from?

Our wines come from all around the world, made possible by our long-fostered personal relationships with our winemakers and suppliers.

How does the Splash Wines satisfaction guarantee work?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with a wine you received, just let us know and we will issue you an in-store credit, or Splash Cash. You can use that credit towards any regular order.

Will Splash Wines ever charge my card without my authorization?

We absolutely will never charge your card without you personally placing an order. With Splash Wines, unlike many others in the industry, you never have to worry about automatic shipments or charges that come without your authorization. 

Why do you ship all regular orders in 15 bottle cases?

Outside of a few special offers, we ship exclusively in fifteen bottle cases. Why? Well it’s because it allows us to keep our prices at the absolute lowest they can be. Our chief business philosophy is to deliver high quality wines at the best value we possibly can.  

To give you a glimpse into the numbers, it costs us just over $20 to ship a two-pack of wine, whereas we can ship a case of fifteen for about $40. Extrapolate the efficiency of shipping in cases of fifteen and it translates to big savings, which we pass directly and entirely on to you.