The Cottet-Dubreuil Story

The Cottet-Dubreuil Story

The Cottet-Dubreuil vineyard has been lovingly crafting Champagne since 1985. The original owners of the domaine met when Alain Cottet, a Parisian botanist, fell in love with both the beautiful Seine Valley region and Claudie Dubreuil, the equally beautiful daughter of one of the oldest families in the village of Courteron.

The couple worked with passion and commitment – and in 1985, decided to create their own brand with their two surnames: COTTET-DUBREUIL.

This passion lives on today, with their daughter Claire, who took over the vineyard in 2016. Her focus has been on implementing a new, more environmentally friendly and agronomically sustainable approach to the vineyard’s growing practices.


Cottet-Dubreuil Brut Champagne

Vintage: 2012 and 2013 Blend

Blending: Mainly Pinot Noir (70%), the prime grape variety in the Côte des Bar region, and Chardonnay (30%).

Profile: Floral notes on the nose; fresh and supple on the palate. Pronounced tangy notes of citrus (lemon, grapefruit) and red fruit (redcurrant, raspberry, blackcurrant) with a hint of ginger.

Food Pairing: Drink on its own for any special occasion. Can be served as an appetizer or paired with seafood or carpaccio.

Serve: 46-50° F


Champagne Region Statistics (as of 2016)

The Champagne region is comprised of 300 Champagne Houses that represent over 15,000 growers. This region covers around 34,000 hectares of vineyards. While the Champagne region is only 4% of France’s vineyard land, exporting Champagne makes up 33% of French wine exports (by value). This equates to approximately 306 million bottles exported in 2016. 

Buying French Champagne supports local environmental efforts to maintain and develop the domaine and ecosystem

The Champagne region and its local governing bodies have agreed to stricter standards to help sustain the domaine and delicate ecosystem. Cottet-Dubreuil was one of the earliest Houses to start implementing these practices.

Environmental Goals and Practices:

Regional Goal: Reduce Carbon footprint by 25% by 2020

Goals achieved as of the year 2000:

  • 100% of winery waste water treated and reused
  • 50% reduction in Nitrogen fertilizers
  • 90% of industrial waste is recycled
  • 15% reduction of regional Carbon footprint


The Cottet-Dubreuil vineyard is 6 hectares, divided into around twenty parcels, spread along the slopes of the Seine and the villages of Courteron, Plaines-Saint-Lange, Gyé-sur-Seine, Neuville-sur-Seine et Buxeuil.


Claire Cottet was raised in the vineyard by her parents, Alain Cottet and Claudie Dubreuil. 

Courteron is one of the 64 villages that make up the Côte des Bar Champagne appellation. It is a quaint, picturesque village and has been home to the Dubreuil family since the fourteenth century. The breathtakingly beautiful landscape is dotted with cadoles – small round dry-stone huts used in previous times as shelters for the vineyard workers.


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