Quarterly Newsletter

With Just a Splash, we want to share our knowledge and passion for wine. We hope to further educate anyone from long-term wine lovers to novice wine drinkers by sharing information you may or may not know already. You’ll learn a little bit about each of our staff members, what to do with those old corks and wine bottles you have lying around, and everything else wine. The wine world is BIG! We want to make wine less intimidating, easier to understand and most importantly, more fun.

  • Volume IIII - 2022
  • Volume III - 2021
  • Volume II - 2020
  • Volume I - 2019

Volume 4.1 (June 2022)

*NEW* Volume 4.2 (September 2022)

Volume 3.1 (Feb. 2021)

Volume 3.2 (April 2021)

Volume 3.3 (August 2021)

*NEW* Volume 3.4 (December 2021)

Volume 2.1 (Aug. 2020)

Volume 1.1 (Sep. 2019)

Volume 1.2 (Nov.-Dec. 2019)