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But now, for a limited time, you can become a Splash Wino and receive a 15 bottle case of some of our amazing wine at one low price.

$70 for 15 Bottles
$29.95 Splash Wino
Splash Annual Wino + $70 Case

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Splash Winos know that what's important is drinking the wine you like with the people you love. Drinking wine should be fun!

Pair this case of wine with our Annual Wino Program for just $99.95! That means you get a case of wine for only $70 more! The selection spans the globe and even includes a special 1 liter bottle of the Oblisco Tempranillo/Syrah. 


Retail Value: $250

$90 for 15 Bottles
Better Wines, Bigger Value

Splash Annual Wino + Vineyard 15-Pack

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Our wine team searches the globe for sensational wines and sometimes we find true gems from incredible vineyards. These wines make up our Vineyard collection. We've selected some incredible wines for this offer as they pair best with our Annual Wino Program. That means you get a case of wine for only $90 more!


Retail Value: $300

$130 for 15 Bottles

Best Wines, Biggest Value!

Splash Annual Wino + Cellar Collection 15-Pack

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Our finest wines in our collection, our Cellar wines are connoisseur quality without being crazy connoisseur prices. These wines retail for up to $40 on their own but with this deal, you can get them and become a Splash Wino for only $159.95!


Retail Value: $400



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The answer is obvious - because you love wine. We get it, we love wine too. We're proud to call ourselves winos and we are thinking you'll want to join us. That's because we add a whole lot of benefits to our already outstanding prices for our Splash Winos and Founders. First and foremost, you'll never pay for shipping again, except for third party offers like Groupon. Secondly, you'll receive cash back on each and every purchase, which is like getting free wine in your cellar. Splash Winos will receive special offers weekly, while Splash Founders will also get exclusive deals that you can't get anywhere else. Throw all of this on top of our industry leading and transparent pricing, our fanatical devotion to excellent customer service and the exceptional wine selection and you'll want to be a part of Splash for life!

Price Transparency 

Wine is famous for its high markup, in excess of 60%. At Splash, we deliver wine to your door at a maximum of 15% above our cost. No one else does that.


No high handling and delivery charges—Selling only 15+ bottle cases allows us to give our members absolutely free shipping

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If our wines don’t meet your expectations, no hoops to jump through, just let us know. Your word is good enough for us.

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