The 2023 Mystery SPOOK-tacular!

Get 12 Mystery Bottles, Starting at $69.99 with Free Shipping!

 Base 12-Pack
Choose PET or Glass Starting at $5.83/Bottle

Upgrade: Vineyard Wines 12-Pack
Choose PET or Glass Starting at $7.08/Bottle

The Mystery SPOOK-tacular Vineyard 12-Pack 2023

The Mystery SPOOK-tacular Vineyard 12-Pack 2023

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12 SPOOK-tacular Vineyard-Level Mystery Wines starting at $84.99 + Free Shipping!

The 12 Bottle Spooktacular Mystery is like trick or treating for adults, but in this case, you won't know what you're getting until the delivery driver knocks on your door! What you will know is that you'll receive 12 sensational vineyard-level bottles of wine at an incredibly affordable price - just $84.99 + Free Shipping. This Spooktacular pack only comes around once a year so you need to act quickly to secure this sensational mystery selection at an unbelievable price. This deal is all treats with the mystery selection being the only trick! Happy Hallo-WINE!
For $84.99 you'll receive a case featuring 2 PET bottles but for just $10.00 more you can choose a case that has only glass-bottled wines in it. The choice is yours!
W/ PET BottlesGlass Only

Retail Value: $300

Upgrade: Top-Shelf Wines 12-Pack
Just $9.16/Bottle

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