The Great Mystery Case Race!

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Base Mystery 12-Pack
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Upgrade: Mystery Vineyard 12-Pack
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ONLY 500 AVAILABLE: The Great Mystery Vineyard Case Race!
W/ PET BottlesGlass Only

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Get 12 Mystery Vineyard-Level Bottles Starting at $84.99 + Free Shipping! Hurry, there are Only 500 Available!

We have a huge overstock on some of our biggest wines from around the world and you can get your hands on 12 sensational vineyard-level bottles starting at $84.99! Unfortunately, we only have 500 of these available so you better get yours while you can!

*For $84.99 you'll receive a case featuring two mystery PET bottles, but for just $5 more, you will receive a case with only glass bottles in it.


Retail Value: $350

Upgrade: Mystery Top-Shelf 12-Pack

Just $9.16/Bottle

Price Transparency 

Wine is famous for its high markup, in excess of 60%. At Splash, we deliver wine to your door at a maximum of 15% above our cost. No one else does that.


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