Valentine's Day Special!

Get 18 Bottles Starting at $98.00 + Free Shipping

Each Order Receives a $38 Sip & Paint by Numbers Kit! See Below for Details.

Base 18-Pack
Choose PET or Glass Starting at $5.44/Bottle

Upgrade: Vineyard 18-Pack
Choose PET or Glass Starting at $6.38/Bottle

Upgrade: Top-Shelf 18-Pack

Just $7.72/Bottle

Each Kit Contains:

  • 8x8 Canvas: Each kit includes an upgraded 8x8 inch color-tinted, pre-stretched and mounted canvas. Each paintable space is lightly color tinted to make painting so much easier and is numbered with a corresponding paint number.

  • 3 Brushes: Each kit includes 3 upgraded, plastic-handled, brushes in 3 sizes, perfect for detailed painting. Crafted with durable nylon bristles and rust resistant metal ferrules. 

  • 18 Paint Colors: The upgraded features continue with 33% more paint colors than standard paint by number kits, to make your painting rich and vibrant. The 18 numbered paint pots of professional acrylic paint include more than enough paint for painting up to 2 layers or touching up. 

  • Instructions: Each kit comes with an additional numbered guide and a full color example.

  • Hanging Supplies: Each kit includes hanging hardware you can add to your painting to display your masterpiece once it is completed.