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AR Colheita Especial White

AR Colheita Especial White

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Colheita Especial means “Special Harvest” in Portuguese. What that means, in this case, is that the winery, AR, selects a special grape to make each vintage. They base this decision on what the year’s harvest brings in and what fruit has the most potential. It is only when the winery finds the right grapes to make the right wine that this special gem is ever made.

For this wine, AR blended some amazing local Portuguese grapes that harvested perfectly. These native varietals include Fernão Pires and Arinto. These two grapes blend together harmoniously to create a wine that you won’t easily forget.

The Arinto brings lemony citrus flavors to the wine and a good amount of acidity for balance. The Fernão Pires is a unique white grape that brings a spicy aromatic nature and exotic tropical fruit flavors. The nose is strong and enticing and the flavorful blend is a light and refreshing wine.

ABV: 12.5%
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