• $4.99 As-Is Rosé

$4.99 As-Is Rosé

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Our order fulfillment team works hard to ensure that only perfect bottles get shipped to our customers, to ensure that the outside of the bottle is as beautiful as the wine on the inside. While this ensures the best possible customer experience, it leaves us with a bit of a problem - we have a bunch of "imperfect" bottles full of incredible wine. The only imperfections are on the outside of the bottle, the wine inside is still extraordinary.

With this in mind, it's time for another "As Is" sale. You can get your hands on these imperfect bottles for just $4.99 per bottle. You can build your own case, you can add just 1 bottle of the As Is special and choose 14 of your favorites to make a case or you can select a full 15 bottles of As Is wines.