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Bain's Way Sauvignon Blanc

Bain's Way Sauvignon Blanc

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Sauvignon Blanc is one of the best white wines to enjoy year round. Its bright acidity makes it refreshing enough to enjoy during the hot days of summer but it also has enough body to it to be enjoyed during winter. In fact, some wine experts think Sauvignon Blanc might be one of the best winter whites.

This particular wine of Bain’s Way, made in the Wellington region of South Africa, is one of our personal favorites to enjoy at any time, which is why we decided to offer it to you. The winery behind Bain’s Way has over a century of experience making wines in South Africa and they consistently rank as some of the best the country has to offer.

This Sauvignon Blanc is a great example. It has a nicely balanced, fruit forward palate. The fruit flavors are tamed by acidity, which keeps the Sauv Blanc bright and fresh. The fruit, with notes of gooseberry, is enough to stand up to hard cheeses and makes it a great aperitif wine.

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