• Baron du Tetre Cahors Malbec


Baron du Tetre Cahors Malbec

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Cahors, France is at the center of the area that Wine Enthusiast deemed 2017's Wine Region of the Year - the south of France. This area, often overshadowed by Bordeaux and Burgundy, has consistently made incredible wines that are finally getting the proper recognition on the world scene, including this stunning Malbec.

The deep red color of the Baron du Tetre Malbec is indicative of the vivacious blend of red fruits and mixed black berries that make up this full-bodied red. Grown in limestone soil on southeast slope of the Cahors region of France and bathed in sunshine from sunrise to sunset, this 100% Malbec is just what your Friday night dinner needs. Generously fruity, with well-composed tannins and exceptional balance, Baron du Tertre pairs well with red meat, rustic fairs and hearty cheeses.