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Castillo Olleria Red*

Castillo Olleria Red*

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Crafted in the heart of Valencia, Spain, Castillo de Olleria red is a radiant cherry red wine with alluring violet hues that captivate the eye. Echoing the vibrancy of its Mediterranean origins, this wine embodies the essence of Spanish winemaking tradition. Its aroma evokes a basket of freshly picked ripe red berries, offering an intense and inviting bouquet. Upon tasting, the palate is greeted with a refreshing burst of fruit flavors, complemented by a lively acidity that dances on the tongue. The finish is persistent and satisfying, leaving a lingering impression of its vibrant character.

For a perfect pairing, indulge in the rich flavors of hard cheeses, the succulence of red meat dishes, or the savory delights of saltier tapas, all of which harmonize beautifully with the wine's fruit-driven profile, enhancing the overall dining experience with each sip.


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