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Chateau les Tuileries Bordeaux

Chateau les Tuileries Bordeaux

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One of our wine buying trips, we met Romain Roux, the youngest generation of an established winemaking family in France. What we love about Romain is that he respects the amazing tradition of France, and Bordeaux in particular, while also keeping an eye towards the future and always moving forward. This makes for some absolutely exceptional wine and you can taste it in the Chateau les Tuileries.

It has a classic Bordeaux blend of beloved grapes like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. But Bordeaux is more than just a place for wine. To earn the Bordeaux appellation, a wine must meet high standards for quality and oak aging, something the Chateau les Tuileries does brilliantly.

A bold and bright nose makes a great first impression on just about any drinker, with notes of black fruit and raspberry taking the lead. The raspberry continues on the palate. Tannins, silky and sweet, continue to balance out the luscious palate. Dry plums show up on the finish, which is lingering and lovely and will leave you wanting more.

ABV: 13%
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