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El Negotiante Pinot Noir

El Negotiante Pinot Noir

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For those who don’t know, a negotiant (negotiante, in Spanish) is someone who helps find wine from around the world or a particular region. That is the philosophy behind the whole El Negotiante label. They specialize in finding the best wines in all of South America, finding the very best values to bring to the United States. Their mission is a lot like ours so we are thrilled to be able to offer the wines of El Negotiante to our members.

They found this Pinot Noir from the Valle Central in Chile, one of the country’s best wine regions. What El Negotiante looks for when they select a wine is something that showcases the amazing characteristics of the region where it is made. Since the Valle Central is a leading region in Chile, this wine is something special.

Luscious fruit notes lead in this wine, with aromas and flavors of red cherry and raspberry. These flavors are offset by a slight floral hint of rose and spicy oak notes. It is a nice, fruit forward Pinot that is a signature of Chilean Pinots. Pinot lovers can rejoice!

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