• Floribunda Rose 2020 BP

Floribunda Rose 2020 BP

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In a cheeky little play on words, the name for this stunning wine, Floribunda, comes from the name for a modern group of stunning roses – as in the flower! However, the reason for naming this wine after the flower goes deeper than just a rose pun. A Floribunda rose is known for being exceptionally elegant, which is the inspiration for this South African wine.

This wine blossoms (yes, pun intended) with a stunning bouquet of melon and citrus flavors. This is also one of the perfect examples of how versatile rose can be. It is light enough to enjoy with a lovely spring salad with tomatoes and feta cheese but it has enough going with it that it will stand up to a robust and spicy summer barbecue. Absolutely delicious.

ABV: 12.6%