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Frisk Prickly Rosso

Frisk Prickly Rosso

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Made by a team of maverick winemakers hailing from Victoria Australia’s far corners, Frisk Rosso is crafted by seasoned hands. Spicy Merlot and vivacious Dolcetto, planted by entrepreneurial Italian immigrants drawn by gold in the mid-19th century, are fermented with canny yeasts that ensure the wine is sporting plenty of aromatic verve. And the prickle? A gentle spritz courtesy of those clever yeasts, delivering a palate-rousing tickle reminiscent of the Rosso Frizzantesso familiar to those early northern Italian immigrants.

Made of a blend of 51% Merlot and 49% Dolcetto. Dolcetto, in Italian, means ‘little sweet one’ and gives this wine its fabulous ruby hue along with black cherry and cinnamon characters. Merlot, a traditional blending grape, delivers loads of bright red fruits amid a juicy mid-palate. Together, they’re like PB&J –sweet and spicy, fleshy and firm, fruity and crisp. It’s kismet. This luscious tongue-lashing has some savory notes too, though, so pairing with cheese, charcuterie or your favorite pasta is a foregone conclusion. And Frisk Ross loves to chill – its low tannin and alcohol levels mean it won’t turn into a mouth-puckering monster after a spell in the fridge.

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