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Glendale Cellars Paso Robles Red Blend

Glendale Cellars Paso Robles Red Blend

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They say that a wine is supposed to reflect the characteristics of the area from which it originates. Normally, that refers to the terroir and the natural flavors found in the grapes of the area. However, the Glendale Cellars wine takes it to the next level: this wine from the label on it is the embodiment of Glendale. The back label of this wine calls Glendale “dapper as all get out” and they make the wine to match.

Making a red blend, especially one as tasty as this, is tricky work, more of an art than a science. It is all about creating harmony with the right balance of fruit notes and other notes, like spice and acid. Putting a little bit of a nice blending grape can drastically alter a wine for the better but putting too much can throw a wine out of balance. It is a delicate balance but, when done well, it is incredibly delicious.

Dapper is indeed a good word for this wine. It is velvety and smooth, a well-rounded blend. The fruit flavors leading include dark berry and cherry meshed with notes of vanilla (from some oak aging) and cassis. This wine is versatile and great for any occasion. For those as equally dapper, this wine is the perfect universal accessory.

ABV: 13.2%
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