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Laymount Cabernet

Laymount Cabernet

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The wines of Laymount all aim towards one enjoyable goal: the pursuit of relaxation. The label depicts a man leisurely fishing, not letting the pressures of the real world get to him. These wines are meant to help you sit back, relax, take a step back and enjoy. They certainly succeed. We find there to be nothing better than sitting on the porch, or in a comfy chair and enjoying a glass of Laymount Cabernet.

Argentina is one of the world’s premier wine growing regions and Mendoza is at the heart of wine production. While Mendoza is largely known for Malbec, Cabernet thrives everywhere (it is why many say Cabernet is king). Cab has this amazing tendency to showcase signature flavors which make it beloved by many wine drinkers while still highlighting the characteristics of where it was made, making each Cab familiar yet unique all at the same time.

The Laymount Cab is simply stunning. Gorgeous, deep red in the glass, this Cab will entrance you immediately. With notes of red fruit leading on the nose, there is some underlying spice. When you take your first sip, you’ll definitely taste the berries in this fruit forward wine but they are balanced by flavors of white pepper and smooth tannins, that round this beauty out. A true stunner and a true steak wine, if we’ve ever tasted one.

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