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Le Versant Cabernet Sauvignon

Le Versant Cabernet Sauvignon

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At it’s core, wine is tied to the land and agriculture. Vineyards are subject to the whims of nature and winemakers are incredibly in tune and reliant upon the land. What makes the region of Languedoc in France special are the mountainous slopes that gives the grapes an excellent growing climate, as well as a unique terroir. That makes it only fitting that this wine is named Le Versant, which means “the slope” in French.

Darker fruit flavors lead on the sensational and fruit forward palate, particularly dark currant notes shine. Subtle oak and smooth tannins leave a lasting finish that is sure the leave you wanting more. This Cabernet is a perfect pair with your favorite burger – either a simple classic or your favorite gourmet twist.

ABV: 13.5%

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