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Les Beaux Galets White

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While many of the world's finest and most recognized (as well as most expensive!) wines come from France's famous regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne, some of the best values are to be found further south, from the Rhone region all the way down through many wine areas to the beautiful, varied, and relaxed Mediterranean coast.
Also used to make fine brandies and cognacs, Ugni Blanc is a white variety that is known as Trebbiano in Italy, and from this French region, its wines are notably smooth and flavorful.  Colombard was once the most widely planted white wine grape in California (until Chardonnay took over in the 1980s), and is known to give a great "backbone" to blends.
Beaux Galets ("beautiful pebbles", named for the stony vineyards) white is an artful
blend of Ugni Blanc and Colombard that we found after days of searching the area for just the right white.  Highly aromatic and fresh with very good acids, it offers refreshing and lively fruit flavors of mixed citrus, nectarine, and as often can be detected from this region, a hint of balsamic pine and nuts.  Excellent as a cocktail white on its own, or with oysters or simple white fish dishes - even grilled fish tacos!
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